Why I Renounced Membership in a Greek Sorority and Why I’m Compelled to Tell Others – Part 1

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This change of heart and mind started with a trip back to the yard with my line sisters for homecoming weekend in 2013*. Friday night, we attended a Greek Show. Afterward, I stood with them watching some fraternity guys do their dance. I watched one guy’s face morph from that of a perfectly normal human being to the exact imitation of a dog—tongue hanging out, neck twitching, panting. I thought, “Wow. That’s amazing how he just did that!”

Something in me said, “That’s not natural.”

But since I’m obviously not in a men’s fraternity, I brushed off the thought.

The next day, there was a meeting of the sorority sisters in the dance hall. There must have been about 150 or so of us in the room. Some of the women were yelling a chant that I never learned, and there was a line in the song about how we…

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Is Your Pastor A Freemason? Are You?

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Freemasonry would tell you that there is “another” way. “WHICH IS NOT ANOTHER, BUT THERE ARE SOME WHO TROUBLE YOU AND WANT TO PERVERT THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST” GALATIANS 1:7. There are a great many things this old former Nazarene pastor does not know and that is why I like to rely on the experts that know such things. Are you aware of the fact that your very pastor might be a member of Freemasonry? That he might revere Hiram Abiff (pictured above) more than Jesus Christ?

I would like you to link to this websites to learn a great deal about Freemasonry and pastors!



By Rod France

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Fraternal/Sororal membership: Anti-Christian

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On June 21, 2010, this Wednesday, at Macedonia Baptist Church, in a town called Norristown in Philadelphia, Pa I will be speaking at a summer Bible Institute that will promote and teach the Biblical teachings against secret societies, fraternities, sororities, and Freemasonry.  I will be teaching the biblical principles that rejects the possibility of naming oneself a follower of Christ while maintaining ties with fraternities.  I am privy to do this because I have renounced my membership and ties to Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity Incorporated.  I am ordered by God to denounce fraternities because it does not promote Kingdom principles; nor is it apart of the Kingdom of God.  In fact, fraternities and sororities promote the kingdom of Satan mainly because all fraternities and sororities invoke the presence of their pantheon gods; which are pagan gods of Greek, Babylonian, and Roman nomenclature.  Kappa Alpha Psi’s pantheon god is Ares and…

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What’s done in darkness….Secret Societies True Agenda

Uncloaked Illusions With Chris Anthony


Fraternities have been operating for centuries and, it includes some of the worlds most influential people. People of all nationalities and religions that hold top positions in government, churches, education, business, science, medicine, military, financial and charitable institutions. Secret fraternities who’s soul purpose is to take over control of the entire worlds resources, finances and its people. You might say, that’s preposterous! But it is far easier to accept a lie than it is to accept the truth. Societies shrouded in mystery. Secrets hindered from man deliberately to assure humanity’s digression and devolving. According to the bible, nothing is at all good when things are conducted in the dark/secret. Does this set precedence on facts regarding most who join fraternities/sororities are “supposed” GOD fearing Christians. How can an individual serve multiple GODS? You are being coerced to chant and pray to Greek GODs from time passed. According to scriptures, God, our God, is a jealous God and will not succumb or accept the worship of any other Gods…

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